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Attention to the product and to the customer; today's market demands that we combine craftsmanship with an industrial perspective, not forgetting customer satisfaction.

It is our ability to meet these demands that enables Viola Calzificio to create cutting-edge items with a constant eye on the dictates of fashion and awareness of continual development in industrial and productivity matters: socks and tights are products that we use every day, and they should combine utility with desirability, and necessity with the desire to stand out.

The company philosophy focuses on our wholly Made in Italy production process and systematic control of the entire supply chain, and also incorporates quality of the product, of materials (fibres, production process and quality control) and of appearance (detail, colours and new trends), all within the context of successfully combining the elements of classic industrial manufacturing - sector experience, craftsmanship, customer awareness - with the requirements of modern production processes that focus on detail, supplying items 'on demand', flexibility and speed of execution: a way of doing business that respects our origins and our craftsmanship, and has helped us carve out a comfortable niche in today's market.

calzificio viola spa
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