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Cookie policy

This cookie policy specifically aims to outline the types of cookies used, the methods of use and to provide indications on the actions required to reject or delete the cookies on the website, if desired.
a. What cookies are and how are they used.
Cookies are small text strings that the sites which a user has browsed sends to their terminal (computer, tablet, smartphone, notebook), where they are stored, before being re-transmitted to the same sites at the next visit.
The purpose of the cookie is to remember user actions and preferences, such as the browsing language, so that it does not need to be indicated again when the user moves from one page to another on the same site, or returns at a later time.
Cookies are therefore used to authenticate users, monitor browsing sessions and store information about the user’s activities for statistical or advertising purposes.
While browsing within a site, user’s computer or mobile device can also receive cookies from web servers other than the one he is visiting. These cookies are called "third-party cookies".
Cookies may not collect any information stored on the user’s computers or files.
Cookies can be:

b. How cookies work and how they are deleted
The most common and widespread web browsers allow cookies to be deleted manually or automatically when the browser is closed. The same browsers can be configured (admin panel) to block the creation of cookies; in this case, the proper functioning of the website or Internet service offered is no longer guaranteed
Based on regulations in force in Italy for the use of cookies ( three types of cookies have been identified:

the Authority for the protection of personal data defines the following types of cookie as technical cookies, which do not require consent for their use:

Profiling cookies generated by third parties, are instead those designed to create profiles related to the user.

They are used in order to send advertising messages in line with the preferences shown by the same during web browsing. For this type of cookie, the Authority requires explicit user acceptance.

Below you find the list of technical and "analytics" cookies used by this site:







2 year

Google Analytics

We use the information obtained from limited monitoring to improve the website’s content and structure. This information helps us understand, for example, the number of pageviews, the referring search engine and the keyword used for the search

Google Inc. Privacy Policy


30 minutes

Google Analytics



Google Analytics

Google Analytics Cookie Usage on Websites


6 months

Google Analytics


Technical cookies
Analytics, browsing and function cookies that do not require prior user consent.
Third-party cookies
Cookies relative to third parties, of websites or web servers other than, used for the purposes of said parties. Viola Calzificio S.p.A. is unable to exercise specific control over said parties and the relative cookies. To obtain information about these cookies, their characteristics and how they work and specially consent to their use, users must use the links present in the cookie table provided or directly contact the relative third parties. The use of the third party cookies can normally be denied by the user, also by selecting the appropriate option in his browser. On this subject, please see the following indications.   

Browser settings
Cookies settings on most used web browsers:
- Google Chrome
- Microsoft Internet Explorer
- Mozilla Firefox
- Apple Safari
- Opera

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