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Our in-house research & development department ensures progressive and ongoing innovation of products, focusing simultaneously on quality and choice of the finest raw materials: research is constantly carried out into new fibres that are brought onto the market, involving daily contact with the world's leading yarn manufacturers.

Viola Calzificio conforms to all Oeko-Tex Standard 100 specifications (consistent with EN 45014) for items produced in different colours, in accordance with European legislation on the use of dyes. The company also remains constantly abreast of national and international regulations concerning the use of chemicals, in the awareness that creating a "good product" involves, if not demands, responsibility for the materials that are consumed in the process.

In recent years we have concentrated our efforts (ideas, projects, testing) on combining blends of fibres, especially those produced using sustainable processes (natural or organically-derived fibres or those made from recycled materials), in addition to consolidating our work on classic and traditional fibres with ongoing research to make our products and the processes used to create them more cost effective. Our efforts in these respects are disseminated annually (with appropriate documentation), and daily (with a constant and attentive presence).

Over the years targetted and sustainable actions have been put in place, such as the creation and implementation of a dedicated quality management system and an overall redefinition of work processes (procurement, production, inspection, marketing and administration); practices that have enabled us to reinforce and contextualise the company's traditional key strength: the ability to solve customer problems promptly, flexibly and economically, whilst adapting to the evolving requirements of the globalised industrial marketplace.

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